Client Spotlight: Our Antique French Chairs on Ozark TV Show

We recently had the pleasure of selling a set of antique French chairs to the production set of the Ozark TV show, meaning that our antique chairs will be seen on screen!

The chairs will be used in the third season of the Netflix series, and we have been told that the stars of the show, Laura Linney and Jason Bateman, will sit in them. We were pretty excited to hear this because Greg and I just love Ozark.

So, here’s how it happened. We’ve been getting quite a few calls from T.V. and movie production people needing antique furniture for their film sets. The Ozark set designer found us online and called up, asking if we ever rented antiques for filming purposes. We said we were open to it, and then she told me the name of the show. Wow! 

antique French Henry II dining chairs

These are the chairs they wanted, a set of twelve antique French Renaissance Henry II dining chairs. They were made in France around the year 1900, and the chairs are crafted in walnut wood and embossed leather in the elegant Renaissance Henry II style.

The embossed leather was just beautiful, adding both visual and textural interest to these handsome dining chairs.

embossed leather on antique French Henry II dining chair

Usually the producers would just rent the furniture on a weekly basis, but in this case they needed to keep the antique chairs for several months, so they decided to buy them outright.

You can imagine how much we were looking forward to delivering the chairs. We were definitely going to make this delivery ourselves! So, we loaded up the van and headed off to Doraville, Georgia, where the show is filmed. We had to deliver them to the props warehouse, which is devoted solely to the Ozark show and full of props used in filming the show.

Ozark TV Show Set Props Warehouse

The attendant explained to us that they have to keep all the props they’ve used in the first two seasons in the warehouse, just in case they need to do a flashback in time or film a memory scene. They might have to recreate the same sets used even in previous seasons, so all the props are kept safely in storage.

The delivery itself was uneventful. We were really hoping to run into Jason Bateman and Laura Linney.  Jason Bateman is one of our favorite actors. If you’ve never seen Extract, The Switch, or The Break-Up, you must watch them! We just love his deadpan humor. But alas, we didn’t see any actors. It was just a warehouse.  

Of course Greg and I usually make a bit of a holiday out of deliveries as we use them as an excuse to get out of the office. Greg is a big Braves fan, so we made sure the delivery coincided with a Braves game at the new stadium.

We are very sad to find out that the third season of Ozark will actually be the last! The third season premiere date is still unknown, but whenever it is, you can be sure that we will be watching each scene with a keen eye looking for our antique French chairs!


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