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Hubert Bequet began creating beautiful ceramics in 1926 at the Belgian ceramics manufacturer Auguste Mouzin et Cie (AMC).  (This manufacturer was later renamed La Faencerie de Wasmuël, which operated from 1878 to 1951 in the southwest coal-mining region Borinage region of Belgium.)  AMC was known for fine quality ceramic pieces and specifically for their 1910 introduction of mass production ceramic mantle clocks.

 Bequet opened his own ceramics production factory in 1934 in Quaregnon, incorporating everything he had learned at AMC. The apex of success for the factory was in 1963 when it employed 150 workers, but eventually closed its doors when the pottery and its director then began to experience various problems. The large factory closed in December 1982. Hubert Bequet did however continue to produce pottery in a small workshop, “The Ceramics of Borinage”, until April 1985 before closing for good.

Known not just for his colorful, high-quality ceramic pieces with gold rims and elaborate decoration, Bequet also brought mass production to the forefront of the ceramics industry.  Early pieces were either unsigned or imprinted with Belgique and a model number. Pieces  made later on were marked with “Made In Belgium: H. Bequet Quaregnon.”

Below is a slideshow of sample Bequet work.

Bequet ceramic piece

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8 thoughts on “All About Bequet…

  1. linda

    I have a pitcher with markings 26 Belgium in gold handwriting with a 7 etched on the bottom. been trying to see a picture online of this but not finding see if indeed it is a h. bequet piece.

  2. john curtis

    I have a H. Bequet wishing well pottery piece with a stopper on a chain and a brass faucet on the front mold #328. What can you tell me about this piece and it’s value.

    1. admin Post author

      Hi John,
      Thanks for your interest in our blog. We don’t do appraisals, but can recommend a great site where a “worthologist” can tell you the value of your piece:

      Good luck in your search!
      Aimee at

  3. Kendal C.

    I really love the style of these pieces. My father found a piece that had H Bequet Quaregnon 3 on the bottom. It has the same design as one of your pictures above with a blue bird and blue, white and gold design. I think it might be a footed bowl or some sort of holder. I can’t find it anywhere online. If someone could help me at least find it anywhere, or it’s value that would be much appreciated. Thank-you.

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Kendal,
      A great place to find values of antique and vintage items is However, if you have a footed bowl marked Bequet in the 1950s blue and gold bird pattern, I would guess the value would be around $100 without seeing a photo of it. Hope that helps! Aimee at

  4. Irene szklanecki

    Trying to research a dark blue large trinket box. It has a Victorian picture or colonial picture of a women in a garden with a man in background. The lid has gold deer or elk handle. Box measures 7 1/4″ x 4 1/4″ top of lid. Markings on bottom 161.
    My in-laws lived in Belgium after the war not sure if they brought piece here or bought it here.
    This piece has been around a long time.
    Haven’t seen a picture anywhere of something similar.

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Irene,
      Sorry for the delay in responding to you. The markings would have been the mold pattern. A great place to find out more about vintage items is! You can send photos and a worthologist can tell you about your piece.
      Best wishes,
      Aimee at


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